lilmoonbunny16 (lilmoonbunny16) wrote,

For Dustin

We watched in silence as they came for you.
Men in dark suits and gentle voices
They led you away to a quiet corner
Where you stared lonely at the wall
We cried frightened tears
And prayed for a peaceful end
Your return to normalcy
But you would not speak
And the white walls held you
Keeping us away
We could not see,
Only hear of your sorrows
We packed your bag and waited
As your parents drove up from home
To see you, but you would not smile
We called to you,
But you would not answer,
Just sat in stony silence
You tried to run away
But we would not let you
We held on tight
And watched the warning signs
Then you fell apart,
And we fell with you.
Tags: poetry
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