lilmoonbunny16 (lilmoonbunny16) wrote,

How I survived my first year teaching

Okay, so I am realizing that teaching is much harder than I could have ever anticipated, especially in an inner city school. I don't think college (with all of my student teaching and internship experiences) really prepared me to take over a classroom. I am also realizing that I'm not that much older than my students (22 to their 16). When did I become an adult and how did it happen? Wasn't I just a college student a minute ago?

All of my internships were in the suburbs/rural areas....where farming was the major career choice and kids came from 2 parent households. Quite a few of my teenage students are parents themselves. I am now of the opinion that anyone who wants to be a teacher should have to do an internship in an inner city show them what it's really like.

(that's it for the brief back to the endless lesson planning and grading........) *headdesk*
Tags: life update, teaching, work
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