lilmoonbunny16 (lilmoonbunny16) wrote,

I have seen

I have seen the best minds of my generation
Dulled by endless reading,
Ravaged and torn apart by war.
Minds engaged in pursuits to better the world,
Chained to tables of wood and despair
I have seen children wounded by cold hearts
Unknowing minds who beat them with another’s hands
Frozen worlds that crush and break,
Shattering light into darkness.
I have seen an endless night,
Unbroken and unchallenged
A dark shadow that is ever hungry
Always eating everything that it touches
Until there is nothing left.
I have seen robots marching,
Moving without feeling or purpose
Going about their meaningless tasks
Hidden away in boxes and mazes
Never achieving, never dreaming of anything better
I have seen hope rise in the east
Light shining on a broken world
Bathing and renewing it.
As a new generation dawns.
Tags: poetry
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